An Elevator Speach

When you write in you when you speak and when you write in your essay you to be able to speak about your research very well clearly and concisely whether it’s the elevator speech whether you’re talking introducing yourself to someone in the hallway and or actually writing the paragraphs here this is still going to be the issue what did you find what did you do what did you find and why is it important excuse me so my experience is that a lot of students have a tough time with this it’s because it’s a different type of writing you probably haven’t learned to do exactly this what you have learned is Mabley how to do narrative how to do rhetorical some scientific writing. Learn more about researches and scientific writing on Robotdon.

When I tell students about how they want to do this they oftentimes say I didn’t know I didn’t know well it’s because we haven’t taught you this and what you really need to know is not just how to learn across college courses but how to learn to right across your career okay so every four years your writing should be four years more sophisticated the writing that got you from high school to college will not get you into grad school the writing that you do even for grad school will not get you into a postdoc or a job every four years you’re four years older you’ve been a professional four more years you need to be four more years sophisticated plus what I try to do with the students I help is to try to even get you to write four years more sophisticated than you are so that the committee really goes well okay this takes work it takes a lot of practice part of the reason I have this website up and part of the reason i’m doing this presentation is because very much of what i learned i did not learn until my 30s or my 40s which is why i want to give you that information now one of the challenges how do you brag in a peer modest.

And actually my experience is that the students will worry about bragging scuze me don’t need to because they’re already so modest that they probably under sell an under state then go too far but one of the things that I find useful is that what you do is you attribute the honor to someone giving it to you you’re honored you were chosen you were selected you were included you attribute the honoring to someone else so for all of you out there who have belong to an undergraduate research program minority access to research arrears rise prep all of these programs in that you’re honored to be selected to be in there okay now when you’re also writing about your research you may have had two and three research experiences and you don’t have to say I did mark and this was the benefit and this was the benefit you can write about your research and then have a paragraph that collectively says you know that that these are all of things that were best about that.

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