Don’t Miss A Great Book: James Croak by Thomas McEvilley

Don’t Miss A Great Book: James Croak by Thomas McEvilley

Published in 1999 by the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia. Distributed by Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

108 illustrations including 65 plates in full color

James Croak (b. 1951), one of America’s most original artists, has produced an astonishing and idiosyncratic body of work during the past 20 years. Using a variety of innovative materials and techniques, including taxidermy, latex rubber, tar, and his trademark cast dirt, he has created art of astonishing presence and feeling. The mysterious darkness of his earthen material seems to convey something of the terror and anxiety of our uncertain time, and simultaneously a sense of contemplation as an avenue to spiritual renewal.

Fully illustrated, the book follows Croak’s experiments with Minimalism through the art of the figure that chiefly holds his attention today. A groundbreaking essay by Thomas McEvilley places his art in historical context.

Also included is an interview with the artist by Barbara J. Bloemink, Ph.D., former managing director of the Guggenheim Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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