New Greek Cinema 6th Annual Film Festival

New Greek Cinema 6th Annual Film Festival

Presented by The Foundation for Hellenic Culture, Inc. and the Greek Film Center, Athens

Friday, April 19 – 4 pm
Back Door (Greek title: Pisso Porta)
A film by Yorgos Tsemberopoulos, 2000, 100 min.

Athens, 1966. After his father’s untimely death, thirteen year-old Dimitris sees his pampered mother collapsing and resolves to skip childhood in order to stand by her and continue his father’s work. A brutal coming of age ritual follows, complicated by the revolutionary atmosphere of Greece in the 60’s. Back Door is a masterwork of emotion and conflict.


Friday, April 19 – 6 pm & Tuesday, April 23 – 6 pm
Log Books – George Seferis (Greek title: Imerologia Katastromatos: Yorgos Seferis)
A documentary film by Tselios Haralambopoulos, 2001, 70 min.

A profound journey into the poetry and thought of George Seferis, perhaps Greece’s most accomplished contemporary poet.
Seferis was a wordsmith (a Nobel Prize Winner, 1963), a lover of work and austerity, and a indefatigable literary craftsman.
This is the story of a tireless voyager seen through places, texts, music, films, people and successive layers of experience that accumulate into a rich foundation of facts both significant and insignificant, on which the life of Seferis’ poetry is constructed.

Friday, April 19 – 8 pm
Fading Light (Greek title: To fos svinei)
A film by Vassilis Douros, 2000, 107 min.

The moving tale of an isolated boy growing up on the picturesque island of Chalki.
Christos is gifted with an extraordinary musical talent but may lose his sight to a rare disease. His skill is fostered by his hermit grandfather and young school-teacher, but discouraged by his mother, who fears he will follow in the footsteps of his errant musician father. These forces clash when Christos’ teacher decides to take him to a violin competition in Athens. While his fate is caught between the fears of the past and the promise of the future, he seeks hope through the eyes of music.

Friday, April 19 – 10 pm & Thursday, April 25 – 10 pm
The 7th Sun of Love (Greek title: O evdemos ilios tou erota)
A film by Vangelis Serdaris, 2001, 124 min.

A young maidservant becomes the object of desire pursued by a major in the Greek army, his young and ineffectual groom, and the major’s wife. But none of them can predict how the tide of history will overcome their petty and corrupt lives as Greece’s Asia Minor disaster draws near.
The 7th Sun of Love is a dark, human drama about authority, revenge and desire.

Saturday, April 20 – 4 pm
Mourning Rock (Greek title: Agelastos petra)
A film by Philippos Koutsaftis, 2000, 87 min.

It was in Eleusis that Demeter bestowed the gift of grain to the earth. It was here that Greece’s largest industries developed and it was here that filmmaker Philippos Koutsaftis uncovered the humble and tragic life of an ancient city alive in the modern world. This is an ambitious and powerful story of a handful of humans documented across a decade in their attempts to preserve the past, enrich the future and enjoy the present.


Saturday, April 20 – 6 pm & Thursday, April 25 -8 pm
Stakaman (Greek title: Stakaman)
A film by Antonis Kafetzopoulos, 2001, 90 min.

Costas’ inheritance includes a perplexing proviso. In addition to the fur business and mansion, he receives the responsibility of caring for two old men, Petros and Pavlos. Both are troublesome, one is his father, but no one can be sure of which. Costas must uncover the truth while trying to win custody of his daughter and rebuild his life. Menwhile, the two old men use every trick in the book to undermine each other’s claim to his paternity.

Saturday, April 20 – 8 pm & Wednesday, April 24 – 10 pm
Alexandria (Greek title: Alexandria)
A film by Maria Iliou, 2001, 105 min.

A tour-de-force from director Maria Iliou, Alexandria adroitly questions the bonds of family and the untold complications to be found on the path to love. Elena and Nina, mother and daughter, travel to the city of Elena’s youth. The two become close for the first time when Nina discovers that her mother found her first and greatest love in the cosmopolitan Alexandria of the 1950’s, but before long it becomes clear that she hasn’t revealed the whole truth.

Saturday, April 20 – 10 pm
My Best Friend (Greek title: O kaliteros mou filos)
A surrealistic comedy by Lakis Lazopoulos, 2000, 102 min.

My Best Friend is the outrageous story of two men, friends since childhood, who have spent their lives tormenting one another. It is only when Constantinos discovers Alekos in bed with his wife that their friendship and their respective marriages finally collapse into a death spiral of sex, deceit and irrepressible humor. As events unfold another deception, one concealed by both men’s wives, opens the door to incredible erotic intrigue. Antonis Kafetzopoulos delivers a virtuoso performance in this surrealistic comedy about lies, friendship, love and deadlock.

Sunday, April 21 – 4 pm
Roadblocks (Greek title: Klisti Dromi)
A film about the borders of despair by Stavros Ioannou, 2000, 98 min.

Roadblocks follows, in documentary fashion, the journey of an eldest son in search of his brother who has disappeared, among so many thousands like him, into the invisible life of the refugee. His story merges with that of his countrymen on a quest toward the bright lights of the West in this chilling investigation of one of the greatest social concerns in Greece today.