Statistics in Your Essay

You need content for everything it’s not just the essay you need to prepare content for P I as well as the GD element so you can’t escape from content in any way so like I said start working backwards start working from the freshest going backwards so the top 2030 current events India and globally you have 30 days start picking two current events a day and start gaining knowledge on them so there is no escape from statistics there is no escape from current affairs are with you will get caught either in the essay or the GDR the B interview so I mean see the idea is very simple yeah and if you go about it in a structured manner no if you go about very smartly you will be able to see that you will do the lot of things in 20 days but I’ll call again.

If you if you are feeling that it is too big you will end up doing nothing so just think of to current affairs a date so today for example you say before I sleep I am going to understand the airlines in the stream India so whether it is Kingfisher Airlines whether this SpiceJet weather is vistara whether it is you know Air Asia whether it is Malaysian Airlines and the disasters with Malaysian Airlines I am going to understand Indian and global airline industry today so spend an hour spend a couple of hours you will get it done by tonight then tomorrow pick another topic so that is how you should go about this preparation okay now model that will always be there yeah nobody knows everything but chances or probability is higher for current affairs which are more recent so if you have those 3040 current affairs ready I think you are decently well prepared right so mark I think you can only do that much.

A couple of other questions I think okay so Swedish quoting rough statistical numbers his better if you use fractions okay so if you don’t have an exact idea of the growth placed or the current account deficit you can say approximately you can write the word approximately so growth rate GDP Edusson nz growth rate of India approximately five percent current account deficit approximately four percent and if you’re talking about population statistics other statistics you can use fractions so you can say approximately one-third of India or 1/4 of India’s population lives below the poverty line so fractions is better when you’re using approximations if you are using the statistic itself use the word approximately and when that is true but the point is unless you start you will always feel the load is too heavy once you start you’ll always find things getting better and better your mind will be more and more relaxed you will find the weight is not so much but just start that is my you know guide to you you must start preparing chatsworth again you need to be very smart if you are not able to remember numbers don’t worry you’re not alone ninety-nine percent of the world’s population finds the numbering numbers difficult but you again must be very smart take a resistor.

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